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Celeb 400Q DMX

2900K - 5700K (DIMMABLE)

Comme les Celeb 200 et 400, le Celeb 400Q permet un réglage précis de la température couleur (2 900 K - 5 700 K), il se caractérise par son format carré (76cm x 66cm)

• Five Kelvin presets
• Dial-in color temperature control between 2700-5500K
• Can use preset buttons to store custom Kelvin settings
• Light levels do not change when selecting Kelvin settings
• Color-correct with high photo rendering index (PRI 95)
• Universal Input 100VAC-240VAC or 24VDC
• Energy efficient, draws 1.8A, 120VAC
• Flicker-free, dead quiet operation
• Full range onboard and DMX dimming
• No color shift while dimming
• All-in-one metal alloy design with built-in electronics
• Fixture includes Gel Frame and 90° Honeycomb Louver
• Honeycomb louver also available in 60°
• Slim profile
• Can hang easily from a grid
• Accessory molded corners also used for four-point rope hang
• Dimensions : 76cm x 66cm